haybusa clock

darby ofool

i'm in the middle of making a clock out of the kenji sticker from my busted front faring so i'll post pics of it later
so it is true anything you want you can find on ebay
Very true. I saw someone selling ziplock bags of vacuum cleaner dirt. WTF
Here's mine. I started this a couple months ago and never got around to finishing.

Purchased clock at Big Lot for $3.99 I had a Busa Kanji sticker, got pic of my red busa from the Suzuki factory site and my wife has a little machine the puts glue on the back of a photo...

started with this :

and ... TADA!

total cost about $6 ... the I get kick outa checking the time : priceless!

My next mod for the garage

Nice going Hawaiibusa .

Hmmmmmmmm I wonder how a indiglo clock done this way would look
. Back to the lab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude planz on using it as clock . I'm guessing like a piece of functional artwork. It took me a min to figure it out but I think I hit the nail on the head . The mind of an artist (twisted)
I'm not quit gettin it Darby what is this??[/QUOTE]

All he did wuz route out the kanji emblem that wuz on a wrecked fairing and planz on using it as a clock. . All it needz is alittle detailing and adding the mechanic of a wall clock. Know thatz oringinal Darby
yup it's still in the works now that i'm back working it's going to be done a little at a time but when i'm finshed with it i'll post more oics