Hayabusas kick @*% !

Busa Girl

Hello there to all you awsome hayabusa riders!! I am very new to this site but so far its going good! This is my first season with my new Busa and I am loving every minute of it. You don't see a cute girl riding an awsome bike every day. Hoping to chat with some of you soon:)
How cute?
A Busa makes an average girl look HOT.
Lets see the pictures!

Here is my PIC!! Do you guys see LOBUSA? She right BEHIND me!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
girls on busas?!?!

I have seen the two that are on the board already and like the others have said, girls on busas is gods way of saying, guys, its your lucky day, I realy do like each and every one of you.

From what Ive seen, you have to be hot to own a busa if your a woman, I mean, look at Lo-busa and Mysexybusa, there are two prime examples of hot women that ride the badest bike on the planet, and thay are both FINE!!!

cant wait to see your pic busa girl, but untill then, heres mine

Why is it that when a female rider comes on here, everyone posts their pics, but when asked to put pics in profiles or post for the member map, attendance is low? Do we have to start wearing wigs and high heels to get things done around here?

Bad members!

not all of us are bad members, my pic is up on the members page, not just being saved for the ladies. you should know that, you have put it up on the pic galery twice. Just my two cents.

Don't miss the smileys in me posts.
I'm just giving you all a hard time. I've got to be miserly with all this talk of coasts, beaches, canyon roads... and now female sportbike riders.
tell me about it man, me and you are stuck in texas and the closest thing we have to a coast and a beach is the gulf and I dont know the last time you were there but its kinda down right nasty in my opion.

Im kinda feelin left out, how about you??

we need to ride together sometime, could be fun.
Jester you guys can come out here. Not that long of a ride from Texas. San Diego is great place to visit. I will show you guys a good time. Good roads and good food. Up to you of course. We are having an unofficial Hayabusa.org get together at the end of August.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
keep me in the loop, I got some free time comin up and I wouldnt mind seein that part of the world for the first time. let me know when and were and Ill see what I can do to make it.
I'm lucky to have *a* tight curve free of traffic close to my house where I can practice high speed cornering as well as marble the tires to the edges.

I'll be out in Arlington for competitions all this weekend (Friday-Sunday during the day). Might do some cruising after the events before heading home.

Hmmm... about 1400 miles away. I've been thinking about heading out there for some time, just haven't had the motivation or $. Might be a good excuse.

Ok fellas its looking like the Unofficial get together is going in LA. The weekend of the 23-25 of August. We haven't narrowed down the hotel yet but brennanop is handling that end of it since he lives up there. Looking like the Rose Bowl area. (I think) Lo-Busa is coming down with some friends from San Fran. I am going to get some of the other busa drivers around here to come up as well. Try to get as many as possible.

Marc "Howlin Mad"