Back to the reason we visit Hayabusa.org....The Bike we love.
But what is it ,what catagory does it fit in?..Kerberos gave a "blues" sign when we talked about "Hardbags" on the Bus..
.....The Busa does not "rule" cornering performance. That said it is a Multi use machine....accelleration king..yep..top speed
king, yea to most of us...quarter mile champ..yep....But "since it's not the cornering king"..It can be a Multi use machine>>>
All i mean by this.." N.E.s turbo...with Hard bags is pefectly cool...yesno?.....I'm done...for now..aaaahhhh!!! 300 hp's with touring bag's...I love the concept...two up a Corvette..
Sweet....Victory! Nite Nite...
Just reading that made me smile for a second. But then...I began to wonder what was on your mind for you to write all that. I just have this picture in my head of you just sitting there swaying in front of your computer with one eye open and one closed. GET SOME SLEEP MAN! OR PUT THAT BOTTLE DOWN!

Its a bird, its a plane is SUPER SCOOTER!

I think with the right rims and suspension it will corner with the rest. Loose some weight and she is sweet. That's why I would rather loose the weight than go to a Turbo. Lot's of twisties in New England, but you can ride for a while on the highway too. That GP Busa III has me all tortured. That is the ultimate bike! I would need a rear seat for the ladies though. hehe

Anyone ever hear the theory that 7lbs=1hp? Drop 100lbs of the Bus and get 14.28hp.
Afew years ago..there was that formula xtreme Busa..Man they spent "lot's" of money...Roush interprises...shorted it, took a hundred pounds off of it, different motors for wet ,dry, long straights....is was not competetive..I hope to not aggrevate
anyone..with this..If you want to be the baddest in the curves
get 600-750-1000--------But now this.....A stock Busa will corner fast enough on the street..sweepers ,hairpins..to get ya in trouble.........Did i start an argument...
MY Busa corners just fine......sure a smaller, shorter wheelbase bike will bust it up, but, the Busa will hold it's own. And it is THE fastest top end bike. The 1000 has given me minor problems in the quarter but any of the one liter superbikes can depending on who's riding what.

I've seen stock a stock Busa run a high 9.......we're only supposed to get in the low ten's stock........again, depends on who's riding.

I love mine......corners good, almost fast enough, and wheelies great.
I love mine too..just tried to get some heat into the thread..
haha..I like Busabens comment ..Vespa from Hell...
I live at 5000' elevation..and have stock gearing..I am so amazed that it will still do roll on roll off roll on snap it up wheelies......Thrillin' everytime we get on um'..yea!
What the busa is not?  Well, it's not that slow a$$ thing on two wheels your buddy calls a bike.
Amen!!! The Busa is a sleep an extra 10 mins before going to work time transportation device. The Busa is a two hour mental heath session in 20 mins on the way home from work. The Busa is a trans-continental cruise missile on weekends.
Faster than a Ferrari, Handier than an SV650, more comfortable than ANY Ducati!

The answer my friends is the Busa is the best DAMN bike period.

Not that I'm biased or any thing.
Ditto Stunnah...do it all...went 144 two up once this summer..with saddlebags..and tank bag..windy on the face shield..coundn't tuck..heehaw..