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I have my busa in the shop getting a few things done before a long trip. I have been using my girlfriends bike, a 2001 katana 750. I find myself really liking it. It feels more comfy then the busa and it has enough power to be fun to drive in the city and highways alike. Anyone else ridden both close enough to form a comparison?

I have a feeling if the busa for whatever reason is no longer in my possession I might go for a Katana myself to save a butt load of money on insurance and still have a lot of fun.
just curious if anyone else feels the same way.
what would your second choice bike be??


Haven't rode a Katana, however, I still feel partial to my old 1990 ZX-11. It was fun to ride and had decent power plus it looked good in my opinion. Some guy had a nice 92 model in the bay area recently on CL for $2200. I was tempted ! They don't handle as good as a Busa though.


Around my way the katanas are referred to as "Can a tunas"and get no respect from other riders. I have ridden 1 before, incredibly heavy and slow, did I mention how slow it was........ Granted the busa is heavy as well but it has the azz to make up for it. Only people I see riding them are women and 1st time riders. Idk why? I would much rather have a SV 650 :whistle: but if I had my choice of a 2nd bike it would probably be a gen 2 busa maybe that school bus yellow ltd. 2013 or a newer yamah vmax. Been dying to ride 1 of those but idk anybody who has 1 and they are xpensive/hard to come bye


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We purchased my wife a brand new 06 Katana and it was a 750. She rode it a few times, I think we sold it with just a few hundred miles on it. Those are great bikes, I had 2000 model 600 when my wife and I first got together. They are comfortable, air cooled, and very reliable. But like #1 said, they go no respect from other bikers, but then again I never cared what anyone thought of my bike. After riding a busa for a few years, I found that riding the Katana was rough, I was always trying to wring its neck to get the same feeling as the Busa, it just wont happen because there is not the same torque. I can tell you that when Suzuki attended the bash a few years ago, we had Juli's Katana with us. The Zuk engineer I talked to said the Katana engine was his favorite Zuk engine. Just dont let them sit for long without draining the bowls, they are carbed and can foul if not properly maintained, as long as you are riding it you will have no problems. I like the Katana and have owned two. Also, the Katana was the platform Zuk designed the Busa from if you didnt know. Good luck and have fun, what you think and what you enjoy is all that matters. Katriders.com is great community dedicated to the Katana and they used have some really cool members, kind of like the oRg for Kats.

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I own a 92 Katana 600 as well as the busa. Obviously the busa has more power but I also find the busa a more comfortable ride. Part of it is due to the Katana revving so much higher for the same speed as the busa. The other is the seat.


I had a '96 600 a few years back. Picked it up for my wife and used as a spare/loaner bike also. In case something went wrong with mine or one of the guys I rode withs bikes went down. Good little bike. I converted mine to a hyd. clutch, other then that all stock. I myself found that it didn't handle enough like a sport bike and was way under powered. My next bike will be an Indian or victory, I will always keep my busa.


I owned a '97 750 katana back when I was in high school because that was all I could afford and I didn't really know any better. I'm on my second busa now and would never go back. It is referred to as a "can of tuna" and is considered a beginner bike. I'm not sure if the newer katanas are fuel injected but mine had a carb and did have a problem being stored for the winter and plugging up. I guess if you're looking for a comfortable around town cruiser and don't care about bike "status" then a katana isn't a bad bike but I would choose many other bikes over that one. Now I have a cruiser for longer rides and the busa for riding around town and taking to the drag strip.



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Had an 06 750 Kat and it was a good bike for what it is. I found the bars to be buzzy at highway speeds, but it was comfortable, reliable, and very easy to ride. By Busa standards it was boring, but as a commuter to and from work, it was perfect. Great mileage also. I took it out to the track one night and after several passes, squeaked a 11.98 out of it with my 230lbs of lard on it. I've always said it is funner to drive a slow vehicle fast than a fast vehicle slow!! I also got a bunch of good info from Katriders.com and only sold it because I had too many bikes. I'm down to three bikes and a four wheeler now. I could stand to lose another couple.


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I owned a 95 750 katana , great starter bike but thats about it for my 2cents


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Was never a fan of the looks of the Katana, but I agree a very comfortable bike with plenty of power. I blame the aesthetics for its demise

The GSX1250 FA is another extremely comfortable bike with plenty of get up an go that for some reason I don't think it did well in the US, maybe they should have tried side bags and cruise control to make it appeal to touring riders.

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