hayabusa trouble


k what i did was take clutch plates out of the clutch basket and put new once in. i did a test run to see if the slipping has been removed under acceleration the answer was no. about 10min later i dedcided to take it for another spin but the bike wouldnt start...the starter would spin but not kick in. what could be causing this? i never removed the clutch basket itself.
well i fixed it muahaha still slipping however but i was told the clutch nds like 150miles 2 adjust..will see what happens
What year is your Busa. The clutches and steels are different on the 02 and 03. You might have bought the wrong ones. This is an easy mistake to make at the parts counter. if you have an older one and they sold you the ones for a new bike they are to thin. If you have a new one and you bought clutches for an old one you are a clutch and steel short, and they are to thick. They should not be slipping.