Hayabusa = The fastest production anything?


I drove a friends 2001 911 Carrara 4 (all wheel drive) yesterday, It was very fast, and by far the best handling car I have ever driven. But, I have to admit the acceleration did not impress me that much. I have a unrestricted 2001 busa and have been riding it for a month and a half and the mind shattering acceleration on it compares to none, I think I am ruined for life. Afterwards we got into a discussion about the Hayabusa vs other cars, we were trying to find a production car that is faster than the busa. We couldn’t think of any. His car costs over 100k and is one of the fastest production cars in the world but it only does the quarter mile in the mid 13's.

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Sooooo my question is or was there anything production that is faster? Why wouldn't Guinness say that the Busa was the fastest production vehicle in history instead of motorcycle? (There is a big difference).
Plenty of concept and racing cars have done more. Some real production cars, that were actually sold to the 'public' and that do go faster (top speed):

1. 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans - 250 mph - $853,473 base USD
2. 1997 McLaren F1 - 240 mph - $890,000
3. 1991 Koenig C62 - 235 mph - $1,029,455
4. 1991 Lotec C1000 - 232 mph - $575,000
5. 1987 Ferrari GTO Evoluzione - 230 mph - $767,600
6. 1995 McLaren F1 LM - 225 mph - $1,250,000 (only 5 made)
7. 1991 Vector W8 - 218 mph - $283,750
8. 1991 Ferrari F40 - 201.3 mph - $415,000
9. 2000 Porsche 911 Turbo - 189 mph - $111,000

There are more, some are very limited production, many others are prototype-only, concept or race-only cars.

Of the ones listed, the Dauer is also the quickest with a 0-60 time of 2.6 seconds. Unfortunately, that is .3 seconds slower than the fastest time I have seen on a stock Hayabusa (2.3s). I can not get much info in terms of 1/4 mile times.
I always thought the McClaren F1 was the fastest production car, didn't know about the Dauer.

Top speed of the F1 240 mph - 386 km/h, 0-100-0 in 11 sec.

Here is a conversion web page that I have found useful.
The article that made me buy the Busa.
$$$ wow, but the dollar/MPH ratio is rediculous. ~194MPH/$10-$11K vs 250MPH/$800K sheesh you could spend a WHOLE lot less on a 'bus and still spank his Bling bling ass.
His car costs over 100k and is one of the fastest production cars in the world but it only does the quarter mile in the mid 13's. [/QUOTE]

Not knocking your friend's car, but mid 13 quarters are not that fast, even for cars.  Stock vettes (at $45k) get mid 13's, Z06s are typically in the 12s bone stock.
Of course there are cars that can beat the busa, in my experience, I've never found one. Sure, everyone know of someone else who has a XYZ car with 1100 horsepower, 12 inch wide slicks, nos and whateverthefuckelse, but where it's go time, those cars are either a) not running b) in the shop c) the headers are headering, the carbs are carbing, the cams arent caming, lol you get the idea. Bottom line is that you're ready to race, and they are making excuses

It's a trade off for cars. The ones who can beat the busa in the quarter mile wont even touch it in top end, because they are geared to hit their top speed when they go through the trap. The ones who can beat the busa in top speed are geared so tall that by the time they hit 190mph, you're miles ahead of them running out of road and slowing down.

But here is what seperates the men from the boys, the motorcycle launch. Most cars can easily launch hard, because any idiot can drop the clutch and hold on. For the bike it's not so easy.

It takes tons of practice and effort to learn how to launch. My friend Cal in Ft Lauderdale can launch his 1000 at neck breaking speed. He'll hit 60mph before rolling over the other crosswalk. It is sickning to see his launches, his front tire just barely taps the ground all the way to 120mph. He launches with his left foot on the peg, and his right foot down. He says that by doing this, he can shift gears without fighting to pull his leg onto the peg.

The best way I've learned to launch is to feel how much power it takes to lift the front wheel, usually about 60 percent throttle in first gear. I launch at about 5000 rpms, 30 percent throttle and power hard as I let off the clutch. Once the clutch is out, I'll continue to roll on hard and shift into second, once in second I'm at about 90 percent throttle.

Practice those launches, most bikers are slugs out of the hole

I think the quickest production(key word production) car was the Shelby cobra and then the viper. I don't think the other cars listed are production, most I think are hand built. The Cobra and the viper made it into high 11's(maybe low 12's). But that is the quickest cars not the fastest. The BUSA is both!!!!



Yeah, it is a bit hard to tell which are 'assembly line' production and which are hand-built production from my sources. I have excluded those that were never sold at least. It's a good reference though, seeing how few cars really break 200 mph from whatever factory or shop they were born.

Of course, the fastest 'production' car ever is the 1988 Calloway Corvette at 254.7 MPH with a $400K pricetag. I was not sure to include that one since it is more of a custom car that a 'built-and-designed-from-scratch' car. It had a 10.6s quarter mile time.

Following the Calloway is the 2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron at 252.3 mph and an estimated $800K pricetag (not sure if they ever produced for sale yet).

All I know is, after owning my 1300 for 2 1/4 years now, my interest in fast, over-priced cars is non-existant.
Oh, list is from the top 50 fastest cars. #50 being the 1992 Bugatti EB110 SS at 217 mph ($380K).
Usually production means stock off the line. I don't think a calloway counts as production. Production car has so many made(I think 500 but not sure) and can be bought at the dealership.
The 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT is one that falls under those categories. Dealers here in Miami, LA. Used to be one in Dallas a few years ago. 211 mph and $309K. At delivery the customer could have custom gear ratios installed for a top speed of 215 mph.

Anyway, even if it they are production or hand-built, the price tags on the cars over 200 MPH are quite a bit out of reach for most consumers.

Even the Porsche Turbo is a bit out of reach, breaking 6 digits before the many options are even added.

I guess being a bit more realistic, here is one that is not so high in the clouds. The 2001 Toyota AB-Flug Supra S900, this is a conversion, not production, but it does 205 MPH and costs around $50K.

I'd still rather have the busa, though.
Oh, just to be fair, if you want to define that as 'mass' production, go ahead and scratch last every car off that list.
Its just what its built for, My stang has a 475cid big block it runs 11.80 in the 1/4 on street tires. I drive the car on the road. Its built for the 1/4 so Im very limited for top end to about 120mph. Your friends car is set up to handle and give good all around performance. 13s is ok for a street car most cars on the road can't get out of the high 14s to 15s....

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Narcissus said it all
"All I know is, after owning my 1300 for 2 1/4 years now, my interest in fast, over-priced cars is non-existant.

For as little as $20,000 you can have a Busa that will beat 99.9 percent of any car or bike. Both off line and top end.:D
That's good to know. I'm a upper middle class male that doesn't have a million to spend on a car so I bought a $11,000 bike that will beat most of em. And we're the idiots that spend money on BIKES. I say sell your million dollar car and invest $500,000, buy a house and about four Busas.
It was in Cycle World and I still have it. Everyonce in a while I will go back and reread it.