Hayabusa stock motor land speed record

His story kind of reminds me of "The World's Fastest Indian" story.. :thumbsup:
Yeh, down here we know him as "the slow fella". Most of us are even quicker than he is, but we thought we'd let him get some of the credit...

Seriously though, well done Ken!!!
Goes to show how much power you can squeeze out of a stock busa engine with the right tuning
and proper breathing. 218.5mph is very fast indeed for a stock motor
Well don't forget all the other goodies. Chasis, weight, aeros. Congrats on the record. It always amazes me at how humble these guys are.
pretty cool, I didn't see what mods were done bodywork , exhaust, ect....
maybe the plastics are carbon fiber and wheels maybe bst? that would drop a lot of weight along with whatever exhaust is on it. alien head maybe
That speed of 218+ is amazing! His aero package must be well sorted out. It begs the question regarding how fast it would go with a good big bore build up.
...and i'm guessing a Gen II motor or at least a Gen II crank,doubtful a 160 hp Gen I motor would pull it to that speed(BulletBob[Bob Sellers] went 215.9 mph at the Mojave Magnum[1.5 mile venue]last year on his Gen II with all stock internals...though i'm pretty sure he had a decent contributing tail wind).
Guys, you don't want to drop weight when racing on the salt. 99% of the time they ADD weight to the bike so they can get traction.

You can't really compare a 5 or 7 mile course run to 1-Mile events....totally different ball game... :laugh: