Hayabusa Horsepower?

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I have ridden with a few of you that have pushed your machines at the track be it drag or road racing. BigO, LoBusa, and others that I have seen excellent posts by. Ninja Eater most noticably and others. If you haven't tested the performance of your machines are you planning on it or are the numbers just numbers for you to talk about while posing?

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Are you talking Dyno numbers? Pushing personal limits on street or track? Actually using all of the throttle till you hit the rev limiter? Or are you talking about buying a GPS and providing hard concrete evidence?

I would say that I use all of the horsepower the Busa offers at least briefly just about everytime I ride. But this is almost exclusively straight line FWO through first and second, brake hard for a 70 mph corner then FWO again through 2nd and a bit of third...Just a block or so from my house. But I do not think I have used anywhere near all the Chassis yet, I am still trying to get the suspesion set up for me and I am having issues.
So if we are just talking about FWO twisting everything out of the Busa you can, I would say yes... Though as I mentioned in another thread, the Top Speed runs across the bay bridges have been put on hold until I get some proper gear for my lower body. I have been to the absolute end and beyond the Busa's speedo a few times though.
For me, at this point it's just numbers. I've twisted the right grip till it stopped several times and unleashed the beast within just for scats and giggles, kinda like Rev said above. I wouldn't consider that makin' real use of the busa's power, tho. The only ways I see to actually "use" the power is to take it to a track regularly and run like a striped azz ape, or to ride the mountains a helluva lot harder than I ride them.

I plan to hit the drag strip as soon as I find a leather ridin' jacket in my size. Draggin' is my main thang so that's where I will make the best use of the power. I will prolly go for a top end run eventually just to say I done it, but won't do it on anywhere near a regular basis. Maybe only once...

I've hit fairly high speeds already so at this point, aside from a few extremely brief spirited blasts through the low gears, I'm content on bein' a poser on the street and twistin' 'er up like she wants it only on the dragstrip. I will keep enjoyin' the twisties but I ride them with a lot left in reserve, both power and handling wise.

I've toyed with doin' a road racin' type track day at some point as well, but only to improve my ridin' skills. No aspirations to take up that kind of racin'... yet. I'm afraid to take a track day for fear of bein' bit by that bug, too. I was instantly addicted to draggin' the first time I took a slow azz stock 5.0 down the 1/8th mile strip! :alcoholic:

A bigger goal for me is to be able to use all the handling of my bike. I know I can't do half what the busa can... :cool:
It's overkill for me but I bought it for the extra headroom. I've been on the track once, might go back again, riding around or near town it's hard to "use it's potential", usually on longer rides out back I'll let her rip for a half mile and get it out of my system - the rest of the time it's restricked by ticket paranoia.

But I bought a busa wiht headroom because I don't like being restricted. Fits the bill nicely.

But on the track is the only place I really felt like I was caressing it's real potnetial.
Yes yes..the Busa will corner...and rip it up on the straights...pretty much up to the rider...where do you ckicken out.....it's up to the ability of the rider...Just bought a 1995 Husaberg MotoCrosser...the thing is animal........barely can control it but i did so far...@ 52 :eek:
well for me ive pinned her a few times every ride 1st thru 3rd and have gotten her up to 150 but top speed is not my thrill, i try to practice takeoffs on lonely roads and im definatly taking her to epping NH next spring/summer to get real numbers until then im still trying to wear off the chicken strips.

for me and the guys I run with at the straight track, the HP numbers help well with the initial setup.
the real numbers that count for fine tuning and end results are on the time slip.
Well Marc I have to say, I use them. However I am going to do some new things in a week with some new numbers both street and dyno. Whoooooo Ahhhhhhhhh!! Stay tuned. I do have to agree though that many of us get caught up in just the numbers. With me it is the number of true speed and velocity.
The ONLY reason that I purchased this machine, and I hope the only reason anyone else did, is to go WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast. The only problem is, there just isn't any such thing as way too fast.:D Well, I take that back, it kinda depends on where you're riding. Or, maybe not.