Hayabusa Hatchery!

Robot arm at work in Toyokawa:

Address and phone number to set up your tour:
1-2 Utari, Shiratori-cho, Toyokawa Plant Toyokawa-sh i, Aichi

If anyone can speak the language maybe you could call and get us the scoop on the 2004 model.
Cool !! Do you know where it is ? I looked up Toyokawa in the Atlas but can't find it - hmmm. I'm heading to Japan in a few months and would love to get a tour of this place !! I'll post up some pix too !!!
They are here:

I called an got a hold of a janitor who told me the 2004 is going to have 200 hp.  He also said the new colors would be either Bright red/white or bright blue/white or bright yellow/black :rofl:
HEHEHE That was one ugly man. I am in South Korea and should shoot over there and take a tour. I dunno well see