Hayabusa GSXR 1300 2008 gear indicator is " - "

I have a hayabusa 2008, i have a problem, before i start the bike everything works fine, when the engine is on the techo meter makes another check on its own and the gear indicator is marked " - " , the time is lost and the memory of the ref limiter is lost. Could anyone help me with this problem please thanks !


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I have never run across this problem before. All I could suggest,untill I research it more would be to disconnect the battery. Lots of vehicle problems can be repaired this way. Try cutting power,maybe for an hour or so.



In addition to the battery check, do you have an HID ballast up front near the gauge cluster? The location of them can sometimes have similar effects on the pod.


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If you have HID as suggested, that would be my first thought. I gave up on my clock after I installed my HID.


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More info is needed really but I would start with that. If it were doing it all the time I would check for a bad ground. Maybe he can post a video or something...

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I know on the Gen 1 that if the gauge pod is not plugged in and making good connections it will do some weird things at random.

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