Hayabusa Gen I Fairings With Gen Ii Interchangeable


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Good afternoon just wondering what it will in-tail to do this interchange?

Hayabusa Gen I fairings with Gen II.
My local shop said it can be done with little modifications saw a cheap full set on craigslist just wondering she would look awesome.
I did it...swapped fairing stay, oil pan, radiator and overflow. Looked good but in the end wasn't worth the time and energy.

Why was it not worth it? Cost ? Did you use OEM Parts?
Its an appearance mod. If you don't mind putting in the time, energy, buying/swapping parts out, draining and replacing fluids...go for it. At the end of the day if I could do it over I wouldn't. I would have just sold my bike and got a Gen 2 from the beginning. Again...if you don't mind and it makes you happy...go for it.