Hayabusa and passengers.


I am very close to purchasing a Busa and was wondering how comfortable the ride is for passengers? I will be riding without a passenger 85% of the time, but am interested in some short trips (100 - 200 miles) with my wife.
I can't get my wife on the back with me, and everytime I go ride she makes sure that I take the solo cap with me so I can't give rides. Wait a little bit and someone will answer.
My wife likes it. We both sat on the BlackBird, VFR800, GSXR1000,750 & just about every other sport type. She thought the busa was the most comfortable. She said it is for sure better than my FZR600. After the last two hour ride she still says its comfy but isnt to sure yet about going for an all day or weekend event. I think the busa's rear seat is a lower pitch angle than most of the other sport bikes, but thats just an opinion.
bobbyweb,at least half(probably more) of my riding is 2up,the pillion being my wife(age 41 but only just),height 5 foot and she is well happy sat on her perch.The only problems she has mentioned have been wind blast when I lean forward to get away from the wind blast myself(sorted,fitted a double bubble screen)now wer'e both happy
.Only other problem is when u open the throttle,cos the busa bird flies
.The second problem is upto u,just try not to out drag everything on the road at every set of lights

ps,hope and know u will love the BUSA

I've done over 15000 miles on the 'Busa nearly all of it with a passenger, occasionally with the wife usually with one of the kids, (age 13 - 17). Many trips of 300- 600 miles and a couple of nearly a thousand miles and all think the 'Busa is very comfortable. Shall be doing trip of 300 miles each way at Easter, an in May I'm taking Wife to Czech Republic (nearly a 1000 miles to Czech nearly 2500 miles round trip)
:hammerhead: Wear the pants and tell her this is the way things are going to be, Im buying the Busa and if you want to ride ...Get ON ! Besides, what other bike is there to consider if your intrested in a Hayabusa?

Its all about havin FUN!
Back seat can be comfy for short trips. I just choose not to ride a passenger, I enjoy the Busa to much to spoil the ride.
I give the wife and kids short rides - to school, from school, etc. (11 miles round trip) - only 2 complaints - 1) when I hunker down to get out of the wind, they get hit (which I just solved with a Sport Touring windscreen), and 2) Apparently, at about 85mph, the passenger footpegs vibrate somewhat (but since we never do that anyway, ESpecially with a passenger on board, that one is not an issue!)
I've never been on the back of my busa, but my wife says that it's quite comfy. Wind is not really an issue because she just buries he head in my back. Very smooth, and never feels like she's going to fall off or anything... I do get a slap whenever I gun it from the line, or whack the throttle:)



Same as Terrahawk ive done over 15000 miles, most of which were 2000 mile trips in 48hrs (going to work) my girlfriend was on the back for most of these and she would quite happily fall asleep at times until i drop it from 6th to 3rd and dump the clutch, That would normally wake her up. She has always found it very comfortable.
My son now 16 and my Daughter 13 both fall asleep on the back.
My son turns his head to the side and leans on my back and go's to sleep, no worries.
I can understand a passenger going to sleep on a Gold Wing, with that upholstered arm chair
for a seat.  But sleeping on a Hayabusa--Wow!  And to think I bought one because I thought
it was exciting.
I've had my baby for 2 years this month and the clock is now reading 27000 miles. When I go out for a ride it always causes an argument between my wife & son as to who gets the pillion seat.
They both find it very comfortable for short, long and fast rides. (Longest is Assens, Holland).
Highly Recomended