Dis in my way!
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Anyone seen him? There are a bunch of members that I have not seen post in awhile, terrahawk, Busapilot, Hawk, ADonf, UW8ANC, cetrov, serephim, Siouxie Sioux, CuriousMike, oneeyemike, you guys still out there havent heard from you in a long time.......

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In Hawaii?

Living out there, I wouldn't have time for boards. I'd be riding all day long and begging for gas money the rest of the time.
I heard he placed 3rd at Laguna Seca under an alias ...

I was in Canada and Maui for the last 2 wks. Road ATV's and crashed on a mountain bike at Whistler, awesome terrain, evergreens & glaicers. Hwy 99 above Vancouver is an awesome ride! ( too bad I was in a mini van with the inlaws ) I saw a ton of sportbikes up there, way more sporties than Harleys for a change.

anyway I'm back but gotta work like crazy to pay for all this goofin off.

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