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Hey gang, for a while now I have posted a bunch of different pics & info of my island and still get some questions about here, so thought I would put some of my favorite pics and links in 1 spot :

This is the big island as we call it and is named " Hawaii "

See the hwy 200 across the middle? Thats "saddle road" 45 miles of twisties!

ripped through here today at about 135mph- However it wasnt as sunny today as this pic

this shot is from hwy 250 ( see map above ) its called the Kohala mt road. Oh and this is the straightest part

this area is at the bottom of the map near hwy 130 nice senic ride but slow speeds as too many driveways, side roads and bad surface...

Every memorial & labor day guys come form all over the stae to ride our roads ... mostly harley's but these are some of the sporties.

This link below is of a Honolulu site ( different island than me ) these poor guys have terrible traffic, cops, squids... and dont have the roads and wide open that we do. Also got a dumb vid shot of yours truely on there. ( hint I'm the one with the only busa and its red ... you know the fastest color... )
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This is truely a land of fire ... I have seen this ... it gives quite a roar even from miles away.

The beaches will be what I miss most ... shot taken 12-25-02 and yes I got sun burned over the x-mas holiday.

This place has truely been a wonderful part of my life and will probly allways be "Home" but after 27 years here its time to look upon some different real estate and new horizons. Also it rains where I live an avg of 150 inches per year! We have very few Big Name concerts here, no AMA, F1, Nascar... races, No theme parks, no white water rafting, the County fairs are a joke. Car shows are getting better. We have no fall, spring or winter to speak of. I have only read of such things and am looking forward to meeting all of you and maybe sharing a ride together.

Seeya soon - Kent
Thanks, that about answers all my questions. I had to get off chat last night, I was going blind after 3 hours. How are the cops on those roads?