Have You Ever Been the Cause?

Jay Willie

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The posts about accidents have increased proportionally to the time of year and numbers riding. We can all shake our heads in disbelief for those who have had close calls and hang our heads in regret for those whose 'calls' were for home.

I was wondering how many of us (be honest) have ever been the cause of someone else's close call, either 'caged' or 'unleashed' (I thought this might be an interesting play on words!).

Took the VTX out the other day, just a quick spin downtown (small community) to the parts store and post office. Come up to a controlled intersection to turn right on a red, stopped, looked to see a van coming from the left with it's left turn signal on, or so I thought, and the next thing I know we're shaking hands through their passenger side window. (Was that left turn signal really on, or was I in too big a hurry?) Luckily, it was two lanes we were turning into and they took to the inside lane while I maintained the outside. No words exchanged, just an "Oh, shid!!"

Leave the parts store to head to the PO and come up to one of the main intersections downtown. Two-way stop at a four-way intersection and as I roll up with my right turn signal flashing, I stop and look to the left. I noticed a single oncoming with their left turn signal flashing approaching the intersection. Again, I pull out thinking they'll be turning left and, as I check my rear view, they've pulled in behind me! Crap! Did I just drink a 'left turn signal' cup of coffee or what? So, I'm turning into the parking lot behind the PO to take advantage of the outside drop boxes. This drive is perpendicular to the alley where the boxes are located and theres four or five cars backed up (it's five o'clock) to drop off mail. As I approach, I wait in the parking lot with my right turn signal on to turn right into the alley to get in line for the drop boxes. A post person has just collected mail from the boxes and is moving down the line of cars to pick up everyone's mail. (That's awful nice of him, I thought!) I turn right into the line and, as I have just given him my envelope, the guy in an SUV behind me must have assumed I would be driving off so he pulls up about a foot inside my righthand side. I could've reached over with my left hand and cleaned off his headlight. I turn and look to see if he's even paying attention and he leans his head out the window with a "What, too close? Looks like plenty of room to me!". I wanted to get off my bike and take a swipe at his nose, just barely missing him, and say the same thing! I just shake my head and pull away.

On the way back to the house, I 'reviewed the tapes', so to speak. What were these other people thinking of me? hmmmm...I'm sure there had to be some stress for both in all the situations.

Maybe later I'll post up a thread with some kind of poll, but I just wondered what our 'world view' of these types of circumstances are...then again, maybe I don't really want to know.

Carry on, my fellow orgsters!
no close calls for a bike while ive been driving my truck. i like everyone else have had my share of automobile ones though
i generally try to be as polite as i possibly can (even in "fang" mode) with indicators and distances and so on.....but i'd be lying (to myself) if i honestly believed I've never caused some confusion to others out there occasionally.....some days you have good rythme, and other days you should stay indoors and stick to x-box !?!:Oo:
I've never been the direct cause that I know of although I have seen a number of accidents behind me... :whistle:
The only accident that I've ever been at fault for was making a lane change from the stopped center lane to the moving right lane. However, before initiating the move I had check my mirrors (right side, then rear view, then right side). What I didn't do was a head check over my right shoulder, which probably would've spared the fender bender.

That said, the driver that hit me could have stopped if she was at all competent. Even after both cars were stopped (her left front into my right front) she still had her foot ON THE GAS!!!! It wasn't until I was out of my car and over to hers to talk her down that she finally calmed down and started to "de-panic".???
Sometimes it seems like the seasonings of grace make life's little bitternesses a little easier to take....otherwise, there would probably be alot less of us runnin' around to continue stirring up the pot.
I've had my close calls in my car. Some my fault, some not. I don't trust anyones turn signal when I have to pull out. Once the car is going in the direction of the flash, then I roll on out.
I've had my close calls in my car. Some my fault, some not. I don't trust anyones turn signal when I have to pull out. Once the car is going in the direction of the flash, then I roll on out.

Well said...here, here...:beerchug:

(and no I ain't trying to post ho...it's my thread and I'm stickin' to it!:laugh:)
I never assume a vehicles future direction regardless of turn signals (or lack of) until they go in a specific direction. On occasion, I have been guilty of forgetting to cancel my directional signals.
At a stop sign I always yield right of way to other vehicles, unless they signal me to continue.
Back in the day on my 89 EX500, I was pulling out from a side street making a left across the 4 lanes of highway. Car approaching had right turn signal on to turn onto my side street. I swear I even seen the tires start to turn, next thing I know my head is busting his windshield and my bike is now his curb stop. I was sighted for failure to give right away. I've never trusted signals since...........Not only was it an expensive lesson, it HURT.