Have I missed anything


Dis in my way!
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Hey all

I have been away from the board a lot lately, have I missed any good flames or stories? I bet some things havent changed, cache you still watching the board? Hawaiibusa tearing up the streets in Cali and mikeyusf still living in the good ole US, when you leavin again Mikey? If I missed any thing let me know, if you need anything shoot me an email. I have to get back to the house building, I am down to 2 months left until completion. I figured it up today, I have over 6 thousand feet of electrical wiring and cat 5, Internet, alarm, and satellite. Whew I am tired of pulling cable. See you all soon.

I'm in and out enough.... absolutely too quiet lately, tho. No STUNNAH in a while, Kerbie doesnt challenge anyone, and that about sums it up. Riding weather is definitely here! *big sigh*
Just posted in your House Update post last night and here you are. Glad to see things coming together. Things have been pretty quiet here lately.
Seems like a lot of New Guys here lately.

Big E went back and forth across the U.S. cool stuff like that.

Nice to hear from you Cap!