have a good holiday...


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have a great holiday long weekend down there , my brother's an' sister's to the south .
God bless America......

Have one on me.......
Thanks, being a Vet. that means a lot. Always remember that although our politics may not be the same, we can still kick your ass in Hockey.
Thanks, being a Vet. that means a lot.  
Veterans "Rock". This world could be completely different right now if it weren't for "you guy's". Vet's are the best.
We could be goose-steppin' too some shiddy polka,eatin' sourkruat by the bucket full. That little Hitler bastERD was half way across the planet.
Never had the honour of serving myself , but my dad , uncles,brother ,were all there . My dad had 28 in the service,WW II , Korea , too old for Nam , or he would have voluteered for that one too . Tuff as friggin' nails,they dont make 'em like that anymore .
He was the oldest man in military history to become a paratrooper . He was 38 .

You guys rock.....THANKS. I mean that .
Hey Thanks Rubberside,

It means alot, not just to me to all the vets out there.

There are allot of sacrafices made when your serving your country, including the ultimate sacrafice. I would like to add my thanks to all you guys and gals on the sharp edge of things, thank you for providing the freedom I get to enjoy.