hauler question...Please help!


So I think I have the wife talked into letting me get an enclosed trailer for the bike and tools!!

First question: Is a 6 by 10 or 12 big enough for a busa and a 1000?

Second question: How much am I looking to spend to get a used one in that size?

Third question: Who makes the best wheel chocks for the front tire at a decent price?

Thanks for all the help in advance!!!


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If you get the chance, go with a 7 foot wide trailer. That extra foot adds so much more room beside the bikes when strapping side by side and also lessens the force on your fairing because the straps are going out at a different angle.

Just make sure your tow vehicle can see around it. I had a 7x10 which was perfect for two bikes and all the gear. I have an 8 foot wide trailer now.


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I have 6.5x12. The 10 footer will be long enough for the bikes, but if you want to add tools, etc. the extra 2 feet comes in handy.


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I have a 6 x 12 v-nose (14' to the tip of the nose). Anywho... I transport 2 busas, side-by-side in it, and can get a third in there...it goes in the center, all the way up into the tip of the V-nose. I use Baxley Sport Chocks to transport the Busas. Just need 2 straps from the passenger pegs pulling forward. The bikes don't move...

I have a toolbox mounted in front, shelves for helmets, jackets, pants, etc. I hauled 2 busas, tools, chairs, coolers, gear, etc. to the Bash and still had room to spare.




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I have an enclosed, hauls 2. Can haul 2 Road Kings. Has 12V and 110v light, wheel chocks and a small tool tray. Side door and rear ramp. Probably sell soon. Probably ask fifteen hundred.


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I have an 8'5" x 20 foot v-nose tandem axle trailer that I use on occasion. It really is too big though for just hauling around one bike so I usually just put it in the back of the truck. If I'm hauling, say like, 8 busa's then the trailer comes in handy. :thumbsup:


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I got a 7x16 with a Vnose and some other "options" for about $3600 Shop around, as others have said you will want more space as you start to use it... plus you never know when adding another bike in might happen :thumbsup:

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