Hauler Build.


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....And its broken.

The welds on the fender bracket didn't penetrate and the fender took flight after hitting a bumpy bridge at 55, I'd been slowing down for them, and then it got ran over by a minivan.






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I say park the car and ride the rest if the way.. just kidding be safe

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Nice job - other than the fender at least! :laugh: Be careful driving to the Bash.


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Alright, I NEED to know.. What's with the rubber duck and the busa toy?


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Alright, I NEED to know.. What's with the rubber duck and the busa toy?
Dawn got me the rubber chickens last year and the lil blue Busa is Shawn. They weren't gonna make it this year so I thought I'd bring them with me in spirit, but I'm not gonna make it now either. Sad day :(


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Any updates?
It sits in the back of the driveway under a tarp. Ill to make 2 new fenders, but I don't have the tools or the means to build em myself and the shop we built it at over the winter is isn't available anymore. I'm not sure when or if it'll get done honestly :(


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Tim you have a Trailor Supply near you, They sell trailer fenders pretty cheap.
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