Has anyone used

I ordered my decals off Ebay as well...this is who I went through.

the decals are excellent! Quality is very good especially for the price. Now the only thing that I had to get done over is the Hayabusa symbol cuz it was too big. I was looking for the same size as the original sticker...but all the other stickers are right on point!! Great customer service on top of that!


Also if you have anything you want special made they can make it for you too! Instead of having the regular 1300R I got a custom 1500R with the same font too! So it looks pretty damn nice if I do say so.
Thanks DF
Monsterspeedfreak - The kit looks good, but I'm not sure what is included in the kit. I ordered my decals from  TapeWorks

I like the Eclipse kit, looks like your getting ready to make a run from the law. I bought the Integrator kit from FlashAlert good product and good people to work with.