Has anyone tried these?

They are nice and light. They feel good. Some of the light colors like green gold or yellow will fade. Check around price seems a little high for just the pegs. You can get a whole set of rear sets for $100-200
Don't have any experiance with these, but with the vibes off the busa i would be tempted to stick with the TL1000 pegs. At least they offer a little insulation, I think they were like $30 for the pair? Just a thought.
Lazerblade, if you are interested, for the cost of shipping to you these can be your next project. Bob
Newport has them on sale for $53.95


They look nice and are adjustable. One thing they will do that the TL pegs won't is stay put. The foldable pegs - like stock TL pegs - are a problem for me. If I am riding aggressively, I am on the balls of my feet and sometimes the peg drags up with my foot and closes up. Then I have no place to rest the foot -- try again. These pegs are solidly mounted and don't fold. Its nice to know the peg will be there when you put your foot down. Rearsets, even cheap ones, are lighter than stock but not by much. These pegs are half the price of the cheapest rearset and looks great, IMO. It is a reasonable option for someone who wants to change foot position and peg looks with a limited budget. Kind of like me!

Sure, but I will pay for them of course. You didn't like them on your bike?

I will PM you with the details.


Sorry SierraFlyer unless he said yes to you first. If so, congrats.

I just put the exact same pegs on my Busa the other day. Their adjustable, comfortable and I have no regrets at all.
Nyclad, Thanks for the report. They kind of resemble a crank. So what stops them from spinning down when you put your weight on the pegs if you don't mind me asking? Are they pinned?

Lazerblade, I was just getting in line incase you didn't want them and not trying to cut you off. Congratulations to you. I ordered some earlier today because I couldn't wait.