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Hello all,

   I was out furniture shopping for the new house on Saturday and one of the employees at the furniture store had the 2003 model Honda Interceptor.  Now, I'm not a Honda fan or anything, but this was one bad a$$ bike.  It was completely stock with Metzeler tires and high-mount exhaust that sit directly under the seat.  I looked this bike over and over, and was really impressed by its looks.  The guy who owned the bike saw me lookin' at it and came outside to ask me how did I like the bike.  My first thought was to just come right out and tell him that I had a Busa, but Nah...let me build him up first before I knock him down.  I went on-and-on about how I liked his bike and would like to trade in what I had for something like that.  He then got real cocky and talkin' about how his riding buddies really envy his bike and how he can whoop all their a$$es.  As I built his ego, the more he would talk about his bike.  Then...the moment of truth finally came.  He finally asked me..."What kind of bike do you have that you want to get rid of?"  I calmly and precariously sauntered away and said..."A Hayabusa."  As I walked into the Furniture store, I could see the guy just standig there in awe.  I didn't get much of a chance to shop once the guy got his head out of his a$$.  Once he came in the store, all he wanted to do was talk bikes and talk about how he felt that a Busa was entirely too much bike for him.  GRIN ON BRIAN's FACE...PRICELESS!!  You all get the picture.

I was riding with a guy on a brand new Intercepter, along with 10 other assorted bikes on the weekend,3 R1's,1 RC51, 1 TL 1000, 2 zx6's, 1 zx-7 1 zx9, and 1 GSXR 750.
The Intercepter was the slowest of the bunch.
The Busa laughed at all these bikes, could pass most of them in the corners if the road was wide enough, and in the straights, If you're not on a Busa I will pass you!!!!
Its pretty cool lookin at certain angles... single sided swing arm duel high mounts... Cant believe it costs same as a Busie. (abs model)

Oh and yes I've seen the "I'm nor worthy" look when when they know you own a Busa...

I've got a '93 vfr. I've kept it even though my main ride is a 'busa. It's a great bike, but it feels slow compared to a 'busa. Even though it's about 20 to 25 pounds lighter, I feel like the busa handles better in the turns as well. I kept it so that my son could learn on it. Very well-mannered and comfortable bike, it's got great brakes, smooth power, and it's relatively easy to work-on, so it should be a good bike for my son to learn on.
you guys are comparing apples and oranges. there is no comparison between the two bikes. I do question a busa handling better than an R1,zx9,tl1000 or rc51 in corners with a capable rider. The busa is an awesome bike but entering and exiting corners better than the liter bikes? There is no question about straights, even the mighty gsxr1000 must bow down and pay homage.The VFR is made as an all around sport-tourer. In europe they are crazy about the bike. What it is designed to do,it does very well
bacharles.....you are one mean dude....tragically sick...to major proportions....

.....I like that in a person

did the guy go crying to mommy after he heard you own a monster?
Yeah i own a 99 VFR interceptor there is no comparison in the 2 bikes granted the new interceptors are crap as far as i am concered thats why i went to the busa for a new bike choice the new Vtech engine in the interceptor is more doggy then the older ones so that turned me away but i still like my VFR it's still a great all around bike gives you alittle bit of everything but what can i say i am busa hooked now granted a long long interstate trip i stil kinda wonder about taking my VFR LOL
It came down to the Busa or the VFR for me.   THe VFR has a much better presence in person than in pictures and DAMN but its comfy from the word go. But, how Honda could actually make the thing Heavier than a Busa and give it Whopping 100HP I will never know...To bad.  What the Honda camp needs is a 160hp V-four Fire breathing VFR. I wouldn't trade in my Busa but I would sell the Car and get one...

The V-four has to be one of the sweetest sounding motors in all of motorcycling...