Has anyone ridden or own a 2011/2013 Kawasaki Ninja 1000?


I am looking to sell or trade in my 06 GSXR 1000 for something more comfortable...it is my extra bike that my wife rides. I don't want a cruiser but something sporty and fun that she would also want to ride more. I have read a lot of reviews and the Ninja seems to fall into what we want. The FZ1 is also a nice bike but doesn't look as good to us as the Kawi... any other bikes to consider also would be appreciated.
Thanks, Dozer.
a good friend of mine has hade 1 for a few months and he loves it..he sold his gsxr-750 for it and he could not be happier.. i rode it only a few miles so i cant say much but it was really comfortable,powerful, i think you would be more then happy with it...
Here is a few that she may like;

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this is probably to heavy.

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nice but bike but I figured out it's the front nose that bothers me...none the less still a nice bike

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nice street fighter

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maybe a little to small for her?...
If i'm reading this correctly your asking about a Z1000sx ( uk market name ) rather than the ZX10r ( full race rep )......

either way i've ridden both and prefer the ZX10r...comfort differences for me at 5'6" are minimal but the engine in the ZX10r just feels more willing at all revs.
Handling is great and feels very GSXR like.........main downside of either Kawasaki is the god awful yellow they use on the clocks...especially the rev counter on the ZX10r.
The yellow tinted cover on the Z1000sx clocks reminds me of a cheap and tacky 80's hifi.
I owned a GSX1250FA and its a great mile muncher but quickly runs out of brakes and suspension if you up the pace too much.

Buy her a Busa or Bking...best road bikes i've owned
Good customer of mine has a 2011 Ninja 1000 and rides the wheels off of it. We did a BMC Race filter, full Akra stainless exhaust, PC-5 and had Frank do the ECUnleashed job to the computer. The bike picked up nearly 30whp from all of these simple things.
I'm a huge fan of the FZ1..

And for what it's worth, don't go to google and search "naked bike" :banghead:
Lol....naked bike. Pretty much a toss up between the ninja 1000 and FZ1...a ZX10 is not any better as far as comfort then my 1k.

Sorry, rode them 3 different times, fell in love every single damn time.

Completely wrong class of bike for what he's looking for. The Ninja 1000 is not the same as the ZX-10R
Not sure if this helps either but my buddy rides a Triumph Street Triple 675. That is his primary source of transportation and love it. Has had for for 4 years now and WON'T change a thing about it. It is 99% stock (fender eliminator) and he fears that if he mod anything, it will effect his it rides. I've ridden it and I gotta say, its pretty sweet. Upright and comfortable ergo's, smooth and responsive powerband. I was riding a gix1000 at the time and when switching over, I didn't feel like the bike was slow by any means.

You may also want to consider the z1000?
Busa power, only a lot more comfortable!:laugh:

The Bking is nice....but this is also for my wife to ride. I think the Ninja 1000 would be perfect as a second bike... I already have a Busa so I am good there. Thanks guys.
The Bking is nice....but this is also for my wife to ride. I think the Ninja 1000 would be perfect as a second bike... I already have a Busa so I am good there. Thanks guys.

Yeah, the B-King is as heavy as the Busa.
I wasn't thinking, I'm sure a lighter bike would be more fun and easy to manage for her.
I don't have any problem handling it and I wish it was lighter:laugh:
The pefect bike!

It's light weight, has plenty of storage, comfortable seating, wind screen, exhaust, stylish rims...what more could you ask for!

perfect bike.jpg