Has anyone checked on vabusa


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Just wondering if anyone checked in on VaBusa. Saw the "refrigerator" list RSD left her to go along with her current duties of putting bad boys and girls in the corner...LOL. With her taking over for RSD we might need to send her life support, or tickets to Hawaii to kick RSD in the butt...


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One person I don't worry about is Chelle. She can whip most of our butts with one hand tied behind her back. Right Chelle?



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sorry I realize that could sound bad.

here ya go

Plus she alread put Gunny and I in the corner today.


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Speaking of the Fridge...I think Vman is waiting on some more Frescas!


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Wait? I have a list of stuff to do around here?!

I actually am overwhelmed, but it's an influx of everything in my life, not you guys
I'm a-okay...I think today I'll take the little blue pill, or shall I pop the red? Hrmmm...

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