Has anyone burned


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i am always leary of doing any burn outs because of the amount of HP and Tourque on my bike. Has anyone completed a burn out only to have no back tire left on the bike. Street NOT track. I have seen it happen on the track.
If I wasnt so excited to use my new rear stand and rip that tire off the other night I would have had the answer for ya. I was planning on doing some burnouts before taking the rear off and totally spaced it. I will have an answer for you in about 3K miles.
I guess mine doesnt count cuz it was in my driveway, it got pretty shredded but still held air. Made a mes though, I was pullin chunks off the rear area for weeks ...

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My last rear....D207 was at about 20%.....and I needed a new tire, so I pulled the bike on to the road in front of my house and in about 60 seconds it was completely bald......and let me tell ya.....you wanna see serious smoke.
After the burnout....I rolled it out and layed a patch down about 150 feet long!!!
Pain in the but to clean lil bits of rubber off the swingarm brace and fender though.
I havent done it on the busa, but I've done it on my other 2 bikes. It's not good for the tranny or clutch, and your bike will get EXTREMELY hot doing it, like 300+ degrees hot, like steaming and hissing hot! Considering you are running your bike at near redline for 2+ minutes with no air passing through the engine, the bike will be glowing red once your done. But besides all the damage you can and will do to your motorcycle, its not really anything great.

Once the tire blows, be ready on the clutch, if you keep burning too long after the tire blows sometimes you can get tread to rip apart the back of your bike. I saw an R1 lose half a taillight after the belt came around and slapped the tail.

Also, once your tire blows, it's pretty hard to get the bike up on a standard trailer. For one, you dont have any traction to throttle it up, and two, because the rear sits 4" lower, the bottom of your exhaust and plastics will drag pretty bad on the trailer when you load it up.

Also, the guys at the motorcycle shop are going to hate you because it's a little harder to get the burned off tire off the bike.

And, LOL if your bike is under warranty, they can easily reject warranty service on your bike because of the burnout debris underneath the bike. I dont care what breaks on your bike, when that Factory Rep sees the burnout debris under the tail, no warranty work for you!

Sure it's fun, but do it on the beater bike, not a bike you care about