Has any one used one of these hitch carriers?


These look cool and seem to be a good alternative to a trailer if not needed.....The price id $420.00 then you have to buy the ramp $130.00 which I think is stupid that its not included.

Anyway who has used one I would like to hear your thoughts.

Sport Bike Ramp Kit
Check the weight rating for the tongue. A busa bouncing over bumps gets pretty heavy. Most hitches are designed for 10-15% tongue weight, so you'd need a pretty substantial hitch.
I wouldn't trust it... If you have a truck, put it in the bed. If you just have an SUV just tow a trailer. Is their a particular reason why you'd want this rather than a trailer?
I know someone who has one similar and he likes it very much.

Personally, I don't like it a bit. It's all in what you like and trust.

I see some downsides. The bike rocks pretty good front to back (right to left of your vehicle) depending on your hitch. You have to worry about the bike leaning into your vehicle while loading or traveling. If a strap breaks the bike is toast.

Just my opinion, but this method has come in handy for some. For that price I'd definitely buy a small trailer.