Harris Handle Grip


New to the board! First post :) .  Maybe someone can give me a hand here. Last night I purchased a set of Harris Grips for my 02 Busa. They say they have the emblem and busa written on them. The clutch side grip fits perfect, but the Throttle side  grip is to short for the handle. Is it suppose to be this way? Or is there something wrong with the grips where they were manufactured wrong? Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Jason
2002 Hayabusa
Well...I dunno, It doesn't look too bad fit wise.  I would say keep em' if you like them, or contact whomever you bought them from and see if they will offer up a fix, but...doesn't really seem too small...
Grab a file and file the little lip off at the end of the throttle side so the grip slides on.
I have similar grips and had to file off the lip.......worked perfect.
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