I read a newspaper article today stating that the MoCo will now be allowing a brand of beef jerky to be sold under the H-D trademark. It will be sold in convenience stores as well as H-D dealerships. Now you will have something to chew on while you get your bike repaired or shop for accessories. It just amazes me what they will do for another dollar, that's all...


veni vidi vici
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people buy the name. it would not surprise me to see there name on a soft drink soon.
harley davidson coke with 1/3 the caffine of a regular coke. because h.d. riders do not need no stinking caffine, they have a bike that will shake them awake .


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maybe because HD is more "Namebrand" than anything specific? I hope Suzuki never makes a breakfast cereal or I will stop buying thier bikes knowing they've lost focus on engineering


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Ya, saw that one at the store. Went over to check it out...slipped and fell on my ass. Even the jerky bags leak jerky oil....go figure.


oRg Gal
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I've always said that you have to at least give 'em credit for truly taking a trademark and running with it, but it is at the point of ridiculous now. There will no doubt be a point of saturation in the market where even H-D lovers may say "now that's just dumb"...might be a while yet, but I do believe the day will come... LOL

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