Hardest Lesson I have ever learned


On April 18 of 2013 I was taught the hardest lesson I have ever learned. It was something so simple to do, and only takes seconds, yet I felt I did not "need" to do it.

You with think with someone who has 20 years in the fire service, 19 of them as a emt as well I would know better. But did I? Well that is answered with a deafening NO!!

It was the day after my little guys 7th b-day. I was unable to see him on the 17th as I was working, so we had planned to do something special that evening after school. Pretty much what ever he wanted, a trip to Chuckie Cheese? Sure, Frankies to ride the go carts? HECK YEAH, the list of options was endless and I was stoked to have a 'guys night" with my little man. Only what was going to be an epic b day for him turned into one of the saddest sights I have ever seen, and still haunts me to this day. At 2 o clock or so I hoped on my bike to run up and grab a drink the from the gas station, it was to be a quick trip and less then .8 of a mile round trip. I hop on my new bike turn the key thumb the starter and drive off. At this point I would like to say I felt a nudge in my brain telling me to go home and get a helmet, but if I did I ignored it. After all, its just right up the road right? I turn left at the end of my street and proceed to the store. 1st gear, no issues, 2nd gear, no issues, 3rd gear, im un announced to me, entering the location that will forever alter my life.. they have the stop sign as I am on our main street, they are a on duty police officer with the city I live in, and work for, they are not running lights,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they are not going to stop. The officer slows, looks, and goes across the road into my path. I grab a hand full of front break, and as much back brake as needed to get the bike sideways. I knew if I hit her square I was gonna end up in her lap. The bike slams into the side of her car with enough force to crush my foot between the floor board and the engine case. the energy from the bike hitting the car is transferred to me causing me to come off the bike straight up in the air. I am told I was a good 12 to 15 feet off the ground. I do remember looking down and seeing my legs being used to fold up the handle bars. I remember flying through the air thinking to my self " well this wont end well", then I hear a loud "crack" as I slam into the road head first. Everything goes white and I don't remember much from then till about 2 weeks later. I am told how ever, I tried to get up, the officer ( a good friend of mine) that I ran into was trying to help me but I kept pushing her away telling her I was gonna throw up. I was loaded into the medic unit, where I was very combative, and kept asking " where is Jake", ( jake is my son).. Keep in mind the medics taking care of me are very good fiends of mine. I am told I was threating them, and even took a swing at them more then once. I get to he hospital and seen by the Dr's who releases me saying it was a slight bruise to my brain. That night my ex came by to see me, she tells me I was laying passed out on the floor in Jacobs room so she called 911. I was not transported ( really, how messed up) I see my son and he is very shaken up by all this. I broke my heart to see him scared that daddy was hurt. The next day the ex comes by to check on me and I am laying in the bed unresponsive with blood exiting my nose. She does not call 911, yet drags my butt to the car and takes me to the ER. I am told with in 5 min of her getting me there a ambulance was transporting me to the trauma center. I spent 5 days in t he Trauma ICU and 3 days on the step down floor. While in the ICU I had 2 holes drilled in my head 1 to measure the pressure and 1 as a drain for the blood. Seems my "bruised" brain was actually a total 4 FOUR major bleeds going on.

I get released go through therapy etc etc etc. the final tally for a 35mph high side crash with no helmet a total loss of my sense of smell, taste, and hearing in my right ear due to the untreated bleeds, grade 2 separation of my left shoulder, broken neck that was not found until a week later, perm nerve damage from the broken neck causing numbness in my feet and right arm, a stutter in my speech, and a loss of the filter between my brain and mouth ( I kind of enjoy that last one tho lol). What would my injuries have been had I been wearing a helmet? Well I guess that is one question we can not answer.

SO ever see that person say " I don't need a helmet, im just going up the street", remember my story. I am a motorcycle ridder of 30 years, have been to every emergency driving school there is, even 4 for motorcycles, the person who pulled out in front of me is a police officer, who has been highly trained in driving, IT HAPPENS!!!!

On the good side I am still able to work at full function, and I have not let this take me down or define me. Bad part is every time we have a dead person I get to go in first lol.


thanks for the reminder, better to have & not need then to need & not have....dress for the crash! I hope you regain your senses over time!


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Nominate for sticky status...as a reminder to all that IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO...

Adam G

Yeah, I know I always think it wont happen to me. I guess we all do. We would probably not ride if we new we wee guaranteed to have a nasty crash. Good reminder. Thanks for the post.

Pecan Pouch

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I am glad your still around to write the story, a lot of people don't get a second chance. I have thought and done the same thing, all my gear was less than 2 blocks away. My injuries were not quite as severe as yours. I only ended up with 7 staples in my head, bandages on my arm and head covering where the asphalt dug down almost to the bone.


You was very lucky there.
It's a good reminder to us all to wear your gear all the time.

Glad everything has turned out ok in the end.

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