Hard Times, Hard Choices..... So now I'm a stripper

S-R Racing

A floor stripper:rofl::rofl:You all know I'd go broke faster than a match blowing out in a tornado if it meant showing skin to make a buck:laugh:
Though I'd share some pics of this remodel I've been working on as thier budget allows. During Feb. we replaced all the plaster with sheetrock and radiused the corners so the owner could paint clouds and scenery for what will become a 16' x 34' N scale railroad layout. Starting Mon., we began stripping the original (1910) 2nd story hardwood floor after being used a apartment till 1995, then became the owners painting shop. The paint in some places was almost a 1/4" thick. All in all, I was even amazed at how good the floor has cleaned up. The building is registered as a historical landmark, so it was nice to be a part of bringing back it's beauty. Sometime be for Sun., we'll stain & seal it.

kellys art 054.jpg

kellys art 002.jpg

kellys art 007.jpg

kellys art 041.jpg

kellys art 053.jpg

kellys art 043.jpg


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Looks good, i like them corners. :thumbsup:


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Man, you're one hell of a stripper. Is your stripper name Wax on, Wax off?:laugh::banana:


Excellent work.. :beerchug: Love the rounded corners.. Did you score the sheetrock and crack it to make the contour?
Also, after looking at the before pics on the floor it only makes sense that you'd run a drum sander to cut through it all. Did you finish sand it with a jitterbug or the handheld?


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Funny, one of the facilities guys at work was talking about going into stripping to make extra money, but he was talking about the skin for a $1 kind. :laugh::laugh:

S-R Racing

Excellent work.. :beerchug: Love the rounded corners.. Did you score the sheetrock and crack it to make the contour?
Also, after looking at the before pics on the floor it only makes sense that you'd run a drum sander to cut through it all. Did you finish sand it with a jitterbug or the handheld?
Yep, used 3/8 and scored it every inch and a half. I also used a 2 x 12 placed every 2 ft. to make a backer for the curve. On the floor, I used a 6 X 9 drum starting with 36 grit going against the grain to remove most of the cupping and paint then finally with the grain at 60, then 100 grit to close it up. Finished the edges with handheld:thumbsup:

Jay Willie

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Good show, John!! What a great experience to contribute to the preservation of a building with historical significance. I've done several building remodels with different styles of architectural accents and admire your handiwork. Good job! :thumbsup: :beerchug:
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