Hard Starting


My 04' Limited Has trouble starting after heating up, the fan comes on and cools it down but if I shut it down sometimes it won't crank until it sets for a while??? Any suggestions?
And how's the battery? A battery that is getting old will appear to have the proper voltage but will exhibit symptoms like you described. I had the same problem. I replaced the battery with a Ballistic EVO2 LiFe battery and haven't had a problem since. In the mean time, if you can get it to crank when it's hot, try cracking the throttle just a bit and it should start right up.
Get a bigger battery (YTX14S) and bigger battery cables. Next problem you will get from trying to start with a low battery is starter kick back
Could be a possible IAT. Intake Air temperature sensor. When bike is warm it relies more on all the sensors than when it is first started and is cold.
Its a problem that hits quite a few Busas, I did all the usual suspects, battery / cables / IAT mod and it is now better but still not perfect, some have gone the whole way with 24 volt starting....

I actually found the twin electrode plugs helped as much as the above mods too.