Hard braking engine shut off


Has this ever happen to you? During hard braking the engine shut off. The first time this happened (yesterday) I thought maybe a fluke; engine not warm enough but it happened again today. I have a 2K2, 3400miles, with all the goodies without going into the motor or adding turbo or nitros (IE: platuim plug, Yosh exhaust, tre, flapper removal, air box mod, etc..) :hammerhead:  
I'm not trying to sound stupid but are you sure you had the clutch in all the way? It had to be asked.
Sounds like a bad battery, although being a 2002 it doesn't seem likely. Was it stored for any period of time?
Thanks for the response. Today I took my bike to Race Tek in Florida..They fixed the problem by adjusting the idling speed. The bike was idling at 800rpm and it should be about 1100..He say that is a glich a TRE and the idling sometime needs to be readjusted after the bikes settles in ...
ahh i was just gona suggest idle speed but i guess u already got that figured!

what is a TRE?

i firstthought maybe someon here was from england or somethin, cuz i thinkthey spelled it tyre..but i thought maybe they just spelled it wrong lol

but i've seen it way to many times for that to be it..so what is it?

A TRE is a gismo that tricks the rev limiter into thinking the bike in 5th gear all the time. So you get a strong 1st thru 6th gear.
Or, with a little more technicality, Timing Retard Eliminator.

Kinda like the ingenius system that Honda came up with (VTEC) that allows the ECU to change the timing (advance or retard) based on engine RPM and drivetrain speed. Since I ride a Suzuki, and almost always have, I don't know if Honda put this technology into their CBR's or not.
I had the same problem with the quick stop stall. It was the idle speed being too low. If it's at 800 it will stall, at 1000 it doesn't.
i've had this happen to me twice already
both times just before a 90 degree turn, drop from 3rd to first, start to ease the clutch out for some grip and the back end slides, look down to see no rpm on the tach, bring the clutch back in, coast thru the turn (with my heart pounding), hit the starter, and back on my way, wasn't as scary the second time, but still crazy!, the way i ride i need power to the ground to corner

as far as idle is concerned, mines at about 1250 now, cuz i turned it up recently, but before that it was at 1100 or so. but i've seen it drop to about 900 when stopped at a light then come back up to 1100.

i noticed someone mentioned the battery, when i got my busa the battery was weak, and eventually it juss died completely, so i took the one from the katana, which was also kinda weak, but once i charged it up held the charge fine, but it still isn't very strong. could this affect the bike while riding?

The tip-over switch can cause some probs like this. MotoMan covered this tip-over switch prob in detail and how to correct it.