Happy wife - happy life!

Getn off

Ok, full story.
Wife‘s Benz just turned 7- yea I know, all used up! She has been wanting to go back to an suv anyway, so we started car shopping this past June. Narrowed it down to the 2020 MB GLE450 and the Porsche Macan S. 2 very different rides, but she just couldn't decide. After test driving each 3 times, she finally decided to go with the more lux, techie Benz. Ordered on Aug 14 and was told it is taking up to 10-12 weeks (last one we did from them was 6). Early Nov I call to check delivery date and was told it is pushed back to Nov 20 build. Ok. End of Nov I call again to check delivery and was told it was again pushed back to late Dec. ok. We have a cruise Dec 29 - Jan 6 and wanted to plan the delivery so 2 weeks ago I again (!) called to check. This time I was told build date is now jan 20 with a delivery of feb 1! F that! I cancelled the order after 4 months!!!
Wife and I decided to head across the street back to Porsche. Asked if they had any red with red interior Macan S’ in the US. In Aug they had 1, but not the options we wanted so we would have ordered then...and had it already!
They found 2! Committed to it last Thursday and it shipped out from CT and arrived in FL tuesday. I was out of town (country too!) and we picked her up yesterday.
Not as techie as the new Benz, but still very nice, but hands down a much more fun ride. We had to have red/red, blackout kit, chrono (launch control and sport modes), sunroof, lux pckg, and the 20” wheels. Only thing that this doesnt have that we would have ordered is the 360 camera... just front and rear.
You can see that she is fairly excited! Hell, I am too actually. Wonder if she will let me track this thing.... lol she actually asked if I was going to, but I have other specific cars for that! Not that this wouldnt be a hoot.
As the saying goes...HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!







#HappyJeanHappyTroy ~ #HappyLife ~ #HappyWife ~ #THEoRg *


Getn off

I'd take that Porsche over the Benz any day of the week. Probably stay out of the service department longer also.
I’m With u if we were looking for a car for myself. Wife loved the absolute luxury and tech of the new Benz. They have really stepped up their game. If fact, that may even be part of the reason for the delays...first year of all that new tech.
Driving wise, or looks? No comparison!
Def agree with you on the service.


I was never impressed with their infotainment system. My ex-wife had a Benz and if was such a pain in the butt to use. Not user friendly at all. She was ready to bring it back and get another Infinity.

Getn off

I was never impressed with their infotainment system. My ex-wife had a Benz and if was such a pain in the butt to use. Not user friendly at all. She was ready to bring it back and get another Infinity.
Agreed on the pre-2020 infotainment for sure. The 2020s (most models now) have this new crazy techi system. Worth a look if that is ur bag. Just not impressed with my local dealer.
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