Happy Birthday PandaNin


The Diet Coke of Evil!!!
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Happy Birthday to one of the coolest dudes that I know on the .Org!!! (Did I just do a Brigette Jones moment?; thereby negating the coolness of my other cool friends on the org i.e. Wag...hee hee

For those of you that don't know, I am the american version of Brigette Jones! :laugh: :laugh:


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Thank you everyone! I just now saw this post. That's the problem with having AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND. It takes awhile to catch up.

I was able to spend my special day with some very special people. Firstly, my lovely wife. Secondly, my .oRG family. This weekend is a memory I shall never forget. Even when the alzheimers sets in, it'll remain.

Thank you again everyone!

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