Happy Birthday DocDrop


The crowbar!
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Hey DOC!!!! Woohoo:cheerleader: it's birthday boy!:beerchug:

Nothing better than birthday sox!:laugh:

Yes i spelled that wrong on purpose! Hi Jules!


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you say it's your birthday na na na na na na


Hope your day is bright and full of fun and excitement....WOOOHOOO


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i vote we go wake him up with a birthday whopping :spank: :thumbsup:

j/k bro, hope you have a great b-day :beerchug:


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Thanks guys/gals, we are going to have a good one today.:cheerleader: see what we can get into :beerchug:


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Ok now im signed on as me haha. We are getting ready to head over to New Orleans. The guys want to take the Busa's over there to take some pics (go figure,orgsters taken pics). So this is a first for Jules and I also on bikes. Once again thanks for all the Happy Birthdays and for all the peeps going for the cookout tomarrow,cant wait to see ya.
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