Happy B-Day, JefferyCarman!


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Hey, bro...

I just talked to Sarah last night and she didn't mention that today was your birthday...

Shame shame, Sarah... Next time I see you, you're getting a spanking!!! :laugh: I know, I know; you keep asking...:whistle:

Well, Jeffery, brother of mine, I hope you have an awesome day...that you get to do what you want...and that all those candles on your cake don't set your goatee ablaze.



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Thank you all!

I kept it simple. Just cooked up some burgers and hung out with the family and close friends. :beerchug:

She didn't tell me she talked to you. Definitly gonna get :spank: :boxing: :deadhorse: :argue:2:argue:1 :ban:

Happy B-day Rev! Hope it was good!

And Scar :moon:

I got plenty more of those for you :laugh:
Jeffery...Happy birthday.

Scar, I totally spaced mentioning that...cause I had already given Jeff his gift. The Wii Fit and Punch Out. Oh, and :cheerleader::cheerleader::cheerleader::woot::woot::woot: Spankings!!!

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