Going to pick up the new Busa this spring. Never rode one! Been reading as much about bikes as possible this year. OK, this is not my first bike. Started riding at 14 when the 850 Norton was the fastest. Progressed from a 50cc - 250cc - 450cc - 750 cc and 1000 cc. Got a Concours last Fall. First time I rode since about 1980. There were not sport bikes then. Off road bikes were street Scramber's. One year I rode 26,000 miles on a 750 Honda. What a great bike. Bikes have so much power now. If I got a Busa in my 20's I'm sure I would be dead. Had a Muscle car then (150mph). Faster than a Z-1. I lived! I like the way the UK does licensing. I'm 48 now and figured if I'm ever going to own one it should be now.
Sounds like you are prepared, the busa has just a tad more power than a 1980 Honda 750.. Good Luck, keep us all informed on your progress

hank,top choice of motorcycle but as Captain says it's got a lot more power than an 80's 750, so start steady and work your way up to appreciate the power of the BUSA.
Hank, you will enjoy the Busa.  Just don't get in too much of
a hurry right off the bat.  Get very comfortable with it and then
you will really have fun.  Sounds like we may have a lot in common.
I have had a couple of Corvettes which I enjoyed immensely, with the current one
capable of 172 mph.  I started bikes on a Honda CB550F Supersport, thus the handle I still use.  I didn't ride for nearly 20 years while enjoying sports cars, then got a Honda Goldwing which got the blood boiling again for more performance, so I graduated to the Hayabusa.  
I have never regretted it, though I am in awe of it much of the time.   I enjoy
high power performance with the caution learned through decades of experience.
By the way, I rode a Concours last Fall for the first time and had a ball on it.  If I could
have only one bike to do all kinds of riding for the rest of my life, the Concours would have to be it.  It can do just about everything any type of road bike can do and you hve fun doing it.
Good choice for your next bike Hank.... what color did you decide to go with?? Just be careful... the power is addicting! I almost learned that last friday at the track when my front end refused to come down! It was a blast though
Thanks for the reply's about the new Busa. It's Blue/Black. I like it better than the silver. Was going to get a ZZ-R1200, but think the busa is a better bike and cheaper. Glad to hear the Connie is a good bike, Hopefully the power from the old Ninja engine will prepare me for the Busa. I plan on starting out real slow.

What I've learned about the Busa: Older ones had problems with the rear sub-frame. They eat tires and chains. A new fan may be in order for cooling. If you get on with it, 1st and 2cd gear will have you seeing the sky. Take care around corners with the gas, rear may spin out. It's speed is deceiving.