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I'm new to this board and recently bought an 06 Busa Limited Edtion. It's my first bike of this type after many years of riding cruisers. So far I love the beast but would like to raise the handlebars 1 1/4" to 1 3/4". Are risers available? Brands being used?


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lots available, prolly easier to use search button - upper right
there are lots of posts about these & spacers, etc


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i have the braided cable brake and clutch lines with the genmar and heli bars. you should get them about an inch or two longer. i have put the front up on a stand fully extended i still have about two inchs of play . so i am not worried about ripping the lines when she decides to reach for the stars...
(StreetnTrack @ Sep. 20 2006,16:34) If you need longer lines or risers let me know.
I have the 3/4 inch Genmar alreay may like to go with the Helibar or BusaBill type risers and lines, PM me some prices if you have these items please.

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2" riser you will not need to replace any line or cables you will have to re route you high idle cable ,I think heli bars run about $175 I think and reaper risers run around $30 ,Cycle cat risers run $300-400 some where around there Genmar risers are around $150 and mine are $150 TYD 2" or 3.25" . You will have to chage lines with the "3.25 risers , There are choices pick what suits you and how much you want to spend .


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Not sure with the reaper risers or cycle cats , but Genmar risers your able to if wanted , and BusaBills risers you cant .Heli risers ...no also

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