hahn stg 1 question


:super: I will be getting a hahn stage 1 for the busa in about 2 weeks, I noticed that I will need to have a different fuel/timing map for the PC, can this be downloaded anywhere, or do I need to get it from hahn. Any help is appreciated. Also, this is my first turbo bike what can I expect on my first ride, besides a big grin! thanx. :super:
DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT use a map other then a starting point. You will need a custom map made for your bike. You will need negative timing and use race gas on the Dyno until you get to where you need it, then go to pump gas. Read all the post you can on the Turbo. Above all find a good tuner. I do not know of any in TN but I am sure there are some. I know of many in New England FL. and Cleavland.

The bright side, if you do work your own map, you will be able to install turbo pistons when the stock ones melt...

been there done that...
Cool, thanx for the advice guys Im gonna take my time and have it done right, It took most of my money buying the turbo , so I think Ill skip the melted pistons. that would suck.