H D starter clutch?


I just busted my OEM one and want to know if any one sells a H D starter clutch....if any one can help It will get me out of trouble

Thanks for looking....
(Johnnycheese @ Oct. 14 2006,06:58)
(Fat Busa Racing 1347 @ Oct. 14 2006,08:56) Yep 24v set up is on my to do list..I just aint got around to doing it yet

my own fault  
you do not need to gear if you go 24

why do I not need the HD gear for .....mmmm
will it just spin fast enough without it all?


(Johnnycheese @ Oct. 14 2006,05:57) never saw a need for one
24vlt is the way to go
I did a search on "24v system & 2 batteries" and it found this thread-- Hum ... Any info or a link to info on converting to a 24v system on my 02' Busa?

See I’m having an issue with hot starts and heard that a 24v system or two batteries would help.

Here is what my problem is.
I'll take the bike out for a ride maybe about an hour or so I’ll do some stop and go in traffic and some freeway riding. After I stop and shut off the motor go into a store or grab a soda pop or stop for fuel, then go to fire up the bike it will crank over real slow, as if the battery were very low.

I have also noticed that this hot start problem happens more frequently on very hot days. I live in Phoenix AZ so when I say hot day's I'm talking 112+.

Also even on the hotter days when this "HOT START" thing happens the bike temp is just below half way on the gauge. The bike temp has never run above half way even on the 118 degree days. I have noticed that when I ride with the hi-beam on the battery tends to drain much faster, so I don’t do that anymore.

Now if I wait 2 or more hours for the bike to cool down it will fire up like it should (Full Charge).

I thought at first the battery was bad and needed to be replaced but it dose hold a charge. I have left the bike off the battery tender for two weeks without starting it while I was on vacation and when I returned home and cranked the busa up, she turned over hard.

I do plug in the battery tender every time I return from a ride just to extend the battery life a bit I guess.

I have also read that the 02' busa's have a starter clutch issue and or starter kick back that could or will crack the case if the bike is cracked over with a low battery. This is what I’m trying to avoid and understand that a 24v system could be a step in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


Azboosa you are correct whith the heat it loses amps and will cause the motor to kick back.
with the 24volt system you can have 15:1 compression on a hot motor and a hot day and that will just zing and start  


(Johnnycheese @ Oct. 15 2006,06:51) Azboosa you are correct whith the heat it loses amps and will cause the motor to kick back.
with the 24volt system you can have 15:1 compression on a hot motor and a hot day and that will just zing and start

This 24 volt concept, in my opinion is the best way to value engineer a fix for the problems I’m having on my bike.

I can’t see how heavy duty upgrade parts, pins gears, starter etc. will allow bike to start better on the really hot days simply for the fact that I believe that the slow starting or slow turn over of the motor stems from heat build up and high compression.

Here is a wiring diagram for twin batteries that I found at schnitzracing.com. I searched the .org but found (0) results maybe I not using the right vernacular. I did find some photos but not any real instructions.

At any rate, would you say this is pretty much how the 24 volt should hook up?
I might question this because I think relay is only 12 volts and may or may not burn the coil because I have a 14 volt main battery and would add a 12 volt second battery so I guess it will be outputting 26 volt +/-.

But on the other hand, the second battery is hooked up after the relay so how can that effect the relay coil? But what about when the relay closes to fire the bike up, will it feed 24 volts to all the lights, gauges, Power Commander and other electrical stuff during the duration of the start cycle? I want to do the blue gauges group buy mod this month because it is just way better the stockers, will that effect the led’s in them?

I guess I really don’t know too much about this, and need to read up on it some more. Sorry for thinking out loud I was just thinking that, maybe someone else is out there has the same questions but are waiting for me to come forward and make a fool out of myself first.




(Fat Busa Racing 1347 @ Oct. 15 2006,19:22) Found this at SH.org.....

what do ya think good or ?
24 volt set up
Fat Busa, I never thought to look sh.org thanks! Also I'm not trying to jack your thread here I just thought it kinda applied.

Wow! now all I need to do is find out where to put the 2nd battery

I'm now finding some good info on this topic, their are some very clever people out there. I'm gonna keep following this for a while and see what comes out of it. Maybe a plug and play harness??
Thats ok the more people that have a look at this the better...
I never thought to look sh.org thanks![/Quote]

these two sites are a great place for some good info on our Bikes. I'm very glad they are here for all to use

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