guys quick help


OK I am in the middle of converting a Lexus HID system for use in place of my high beam. I am going to use the bikes stock high beam projector. I have cut the back of the Lexus projector so that it will fit over the Busa's projector minus the plastic bulb holder. My question is should I use JB Weld or some Perma Poxy? The PP will bond metal, glass, and hard plastic. It is good to 180 degree F . I dont remember if the JB will hold plastic. I dont know what the projector itself is made of.

Also those who have done HID, where did you mount the ballast?
The JB Weld holds to plastic. They now have a 1 minute dry one that is already mixed at Wal-Mart. My ballast are mounted on the air duct.

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