Gutting Yoshi CF RS3's

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I remember looking at the subject awhile back but am unable to find it now. I really cant remember if it was here or over at . I have drilled the rivits out and have pulled the can apart just trying to figure out what needs to be tossed. I am wanting more rumble noise just not the pingy tinny noise. Do I discard the steel wool looking material wrapped around the center pipe or the fiberglass packing itself or both. Thanks for your help in advance....Jay

Big Tuna

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(johnstein @ Sep. 28 2006,13:28) was it kasana who made them shorty s ? i remember that post ?
yes, seem like it was a thread about cutting them down....I remember seeing pics of a set of SS rs3's and CF rs3's that were posted. Although the shorties looked pretty good, just not ready to commit in doing the .

I guess I just need to drop some cash and get a full system. It wouldnt be so bad but after hearing my buddies busa with full hmf screamin........dang....I need more noise.


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If you want a deeper tone use a larger internal core .

The combination of the small holes and ID of the perforated tube is what causes the higher pitch tone  so you can go to a muffler shop and obtain some free glass packs thats been tossed to scrap and whack them apart to get your parts . Some are of the fluted design ,  those type can be used also but you might want to drill many additional holes and then rewrap with the packing .

You could also just buy new automobile exhaust tubing and drill for a day and if you have a drill press that would make it a much easier task .

The Leo Vince slip-on's I'm selling are really deep sounding . Let me see if I have a pic to post that shows down inside them .

Don't cut the muffler lenght , keep the original look  


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I saw some good threads over at about shortening yer cans.

Post up some pics - not sure what the internals look like on that can. I shortened my wifes stock can on her gixxer 6. Maybe I /we CAN help.

Here's the shortened can:

uh i missed the CF part........

just throw all the packing away and youll be fine if you just want the sound. if you want the performance and the sound go with brocks street megaphone. b/c the bolt ons or cutting the can wont do both. no horsepower from boltons.
If you throw the packing away they will have the tinny sound. It's louder, but hollow sounding. I did it to my RS3, it sounded better, but still not good........


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We take them apart and take alittle of the wrap from around the cone and keep putting them back together back and forth until we get the sound we need.

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I wouldnt recommend completly removing the packing if you have carbon fiber cans as the heat would destroy the carbon shell.

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Wished I would had thought about pictures...I just unwove all the steel wool off of the core and reinstalled with the fiberglass untouched. Its just a little deeper and I seem to like it thus far, Thx ,,,Jay
(Big E @ Oct. 01 2006,23:23) I wouldnt recommend completly removing the packing if you have carbon fiber cans as the heat would destroy the carbon shell.
The heat won't hurt the carbon, (It's made in an autoclave!) but the velocity of the exhaust will cause the weave to come apart.

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