Gun show today.

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We sometimes see pics from car show or bike shows but I don't remember seeing pics from gun shows? Maybe wrong? But anyway I went to the show today. Couple points, this was first gun show I've been to in more than a year and they have them twice a month here. So I can't really compare before or after but I was relaxed to see Pmags everywhere for $16-20 and Ar15s from almost ever make at reasonable prices. There was alot of ammo but still price was double was retail even was six months ago. South Florida is more of an urban show so almost every table had some sort of Ar15 related stuff of pistols for self defense. Not many distance rifles or revolvers. I did see some neat stuff I'd not heard of before though.

Like this German made Sig 1911 .22. Very well made and is same gun made by ATI but these say Sig on them. Felt very nice in hand and had a super nice 1911 style crisp trigger. Price was difficult to resist.



Here's another gun I was not aware of. It's a newly made Colt 1911 .22.

'Carbon Fiber' wrapped (most likely dipped) Sig Mosquito

Neat Carbine range bag for $50. I was almost in until I saw the made in china label. :(
Rather find something made here.

Why they even had a S&W M&P15 .22 Vabs edition...:laugh:

I think the neatest thing I saw was this Hk 416 .22. It's an Hk made by Walther in Germany from what I could gather. Thing is really nice.


All in all I think y'all would be proud of me as I spent over two hours walking around and managed to only spend ten bucks on a gun cleaning mat. Yeah...
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hmmmm, last month not one grain of powder, need some Retumbo or H1000 for the 300 Mag. Will have to catch the next one, thanks.
Yes lots of powder. Didn't notice primers as them are tennie. :)

Very hard to find primers and shells these days. A friend of mine "in the know" (nuff said) told me that we might see more ammo becoming available in the very near future however.