Guess who's back! Tiger Racing


Dis in my way!
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Hey folks, just wanted to let you all know that Guy from Tiger Racing is back advertising with the forum. Guy's screen name is 2fast4u2c and he has been around here for a long long time. If you have LSR, drag or other performance needs give him a shout... Tiger Racing: Motorcycle Performance Parts, Sport Bike is a link to his website...

Welcome back Guy




:thumbs: they gave me a chainguard and quick release seatpins.
those seat pins are the handiest darn things ever!

as long as i ride Bessie, she will proudly be wearing her Tiger Racing parts and sticker. :beerchug:


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Thank you all for the warm welcome. Times have been tough for many small businesses and many are dying or dead. We are still here but the economy has been a killer for everyone. If I'm going to go down, I'm going down by going all out. We're still the same great company you all have come to know and count on. I still have everything you remember and more. I had to cut back on many things but never on service. I race mainly LSR these days and have been building a project bike to go 300 mph in the mile being me luck. Check out our site, our video collection and our new articles on the new "Flying Tiger" LSR bike.


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Not sure ow a link got into my last post, but it wasn't my doing. Being back on the boards has opened my eyes to a lot of events, bikes, people and happenings I have been missing since being gone. Glad to be back. You don't really realize what you have been missing until you come back. I can only hope that business will pick up with my Gun Concealment site while racing slows down for the winter. If you guys want to se some cool stuff, check this out when you get a free minute.
Tiger Holster Systems

Thanks again to all for the warm reception back.


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