Guess it had to happen at some point


I slipped on some @#%$# on the gound and over I went. I caught the bike but at that point the bike was up against my right leg and my left leg was laying across the bike. So I had a choice, try to pull it back up on one leg or let it go. I'm surprised at how bad the paint came off.


The mirror is scratched too but nothing broke.


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Sucks dude. bright side...just one panel and a mirror,not an' expensive exhaust can...or worse. If I had a mint RS mirror,it would be your free and in the mail tomorrow. All I have is a left side.

Also,judging from that pic,it looks like yer fairings were a re-paint.

Ya don't say... Your the second person to mention the fairings don't look original and my mechanic mentioned it looked like somebody had been fooling around in the works. The bike only had 7700 miles on it when I bought it, I don't know what's up but it works fine.
That bike is trashed! It's basically worthless now. I will be glad to give you $2000 for it and you can go get a new one. I like helping my fellow Org members that way......:)
well mine fell over in the garage with some similar looking scratches. For the prices i was getting for a new fairing and the price i got to repaint the one. I respectfully said to myself its not that bad :) RIDE ON
Guess you got an excuse now to go all Carbon Fiber :beerchug:
Just did a Bing search on that, $450 bucks for one fairing! OY! Found ABS compression molded, pre-painted plastic kits for $450. Probably cheap Chinese stuff but does make you wonder. I've been toying with the idea of some sort of custom wrap but I'm still looking into it. I ride it but yeah it ain't quite the same. I should just scratch my A$$ and get over it i guess. :p

hopefully there won't be a second time but grab some frame sliders and put it on quick.
If I hadn't put screens on then yeah I'd have gotten those no cut ones.

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