Gtx gen 2 3071 or Gtx gen 2 3076

just to clear anything up... a T04E 50 trim in a t3 .48 ar 5 bolt ford housing is whats been used on the rcc stage 1 and 2 kits for years and years. i have personally seen one put down 445ish hp on a gen 2 with the old style intercooler. a customer that had a stage 1 with our full exh got it upgraded to a stg 2 ultra after a few years of street use. I built the motor with the usual good stuff, pistons, rods, valve springs...

this is a journal bearing turbo, but can be upgraded to a ball bearing. you can also get it with a billet wheel as another optional upgrade.

btw i noticed a brocks muffler on the bike... is that normal sized or has it been gutted for a 2.5in straight through baffle? the 2.25 thats on most bike mufflers is too small and will hurt power
Kzscott thanks for the input..
It is a modified brocks with dia 65mm
Midpipe also 62.5 mm

Have you changed the turbine blades from gen 1 to gen 2 and any noticeable spool?gains? This is q cheap mode thinking to do now but garrett is not selling seperate the blades and only korean made are qvailed..gen 1 has 6 blades while thinking to use 8 blades now

445 hp under what boost and fuel???
Also mine is ball bearing

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