GSXR1000 VS. Hayabusa

Here is the deal... Went to the Suzuki dealership today and they were telling me that the new GSXR 1000 has faster quarter mile and 0-60 times then the BUSA!... Could this possibly be right?

I know it probably doesn't matter, but it does rip on my ego a little...



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Yeah, Sounds about right... Unless you lower the Busa a bit, maybe stretch the swingarm a tad so you can put all that torque to use right away.  The Busa only makes about 10-12 more horsepower and weighs quite a bit more.  Simple power to weight ratio...
  However, from about 60-FREAKIN a roll on, the Busa should hold its own and probably start walking away at about 80-85 and never look back...Maybe from an even slower speed but I don't really know...  I cannot imagine the 1000 keeping up with the Busa in a first gear roll on from about 45-50 either...As for quarter mile times it is all up to the rider...if you put equal riders on both in ideal conditions then the 1000 might take it, but in less than ideal conditions "the Street" with a pair of average riders, I think the Busa will hold the edge because it is bound to be less wheelie prone and a bit more stable than the 1000...thus easier to ride fast and hard

In the end it all comes down to the rider... A well ridden GSXR750 will leave a Busa sucking wind if the Busa rider cannot ride worth a least until you get a long enough straight.  Seems those of limited skills can at least manage to twist open a throttle... in a straight line anyway...


the stock 1000 will beat the busa in the 1/4. If you want to hang with the 1000 in the quarter, you gotta change the gearing. Go -1 front, +2 rear and you'll stick with him in the 1/4



my race partner has a cousin in CALI that sold his busa and got the '03 gsxr1000 two weeks ago..... well, it is a bit faster in its own rights.... 150hp and over 100lbs lighter.... you do the math...
He ran it at the drags today, turned 9.56 was his 3rd run on the gixxer. bone stock.


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Oh yeah?? Well, MY Busa STILL has better top end, more comfortable rear seat, better for touring, sexier, and has a longer.... wheelbase. So there.


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1/4 mile is all rider and very little bike. I've seen guys on 600's beat liter bikes. Gotta get tha skills


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All of the "test reports" show the GSXR1000 as being a bit quicker in the 1/4 mile.

Check out the new Motorcyclist magazine - it has a great 1/4 mile shoot out article between the busa and the ZX12R - A couple of points of interest

1. Suzuki showed up with just a "new" bike only about 150 miles on it and Kawasaki showed up with a factory trailer and their former drag race manager

2. The Hayabusa won every round finally turning a 9.5 something and 147 miles an hour.

Its a great read!


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i read that.. it was kinda funny because the Kawi dude must have really ran his mouth ALOT cuz 80% of the article was them talking about him anyways

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