GSXR 10000


I knwo we are all busa lovers but are there any of us out there that have ridden/own a Gixxer 1000 and like it more then the busa. I know they are two totally different bikes, both aimed in different directions but the mags say that the power is really close stock/stock, so just wondering if we still are in love with the bus as much as when we first laid eyes on her, or if some of us have found that 7 year itch to be too much to resist?
I bought the Busa because of that sticker on the side that says 1300 on it, and there's no substitute for cubic inches.
Not to mention the fact that a heavily modified Busa will probably be more controllable than a heavily modified 1K......and that's where I'm plannin on goin.
I do like the 1000 but it looks like virtually every other bike out there......and the Busa deffinately does not.
On a 1K.....I really doubt people are gonna come up to ya on a regular basis and say......."what is that thing it looks killer" they do on the Busa.
Then there's the outright fact that the 1K is not as comfortable in any aspect.......2-up.......touring.....or even just day to day jaunts.
So I guess what I'm tryin to say is........For me..... Busa all the way.
Others may differ!!!!!!!
this is easy, I've ridden them both-

Pros- super fast, light
Cons- uncomfortable for you and passenger

Pros- EXTREMELY comfortable, super fast, 10mph faster on top end then 1000
cons- a little heavier than 1000

hope this helps

Top end of the 1000 feels like you are going to blow off the road and then blow up.  Or is it blow up first and then blow away.  Top end is almost 15-18 mph more on the Busa in actual.  Yes that is stock.