GSXcite & crew home


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What a great time Mary, Pepper and myself had at the Eureka Springs Meet n greet! Was great to see old friends and to make some new ones too! What a great group of people!:thumbsup:


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Hal , It was awesome to be able to ride with you again. Glad to see that you , Mary & Pepper made it home safely ! :thumbsup:


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Glad you made it home. Wish I could have been there with ya.


No training wheels?
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Glad you made it home. Wish I could have been there with ya.
We missed you Omar!

Glad you guys made it home safely!!

Mary keep up the great progress in riding your bike. You'll be a Biker Momma in no time!!! :laugh:

Hal, thanks for all the great riding tips. I know I will be riding with you guys soon. :thumbsup:

Pepper, my buddy, I miss you!! :laugh:


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Was good to meet you and Mary and thanks for the riding tips, especially the kind reprimand not to try and ride outside my own limits.

I enjoyed Pepper as well, here is a short vid of our Juliette, also a Lab blend, protecting her master from a giant tortoise. :laugh:



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Glad to hear it, Hal...sounds like you had a great time.

Looking forward to our maiden outing...:beerchug:


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Very nice to meet you Hal and your wife see ya next time.


HAL,, HEY, I hope you had a great time, Other riders put some really good pics in, looks like you guys/gals had alot of fun.. I'm board, I wanna a Pink Busa , a (slow one) like one spark plug,:rofl: so i can have fun like you folks.. I can just putter around on my PINK BUSA.:laugh::laugh:. (NOT) Im to scared of the busa. I better stick to 4wheels and metal around me. Me on a busa, would be like, going to the moon with no space suit:laugh::laugh: Or diving with no gear:laugh::laugh:, Just wanted to make ya laugh, anyway, glad your back, and the crew, hope to see more pics.. What the heck is (AGATT)?? Oh, I got a lot of friends,you should see the list, Just so many really great people, wish i new how to add them all. And just added one more,some guy scar, its funny,cause I just checked out a video that the guy scar was in, was really good video,he seems like he is a professional rider,and does alot for this Org. Anyway,I also put him on my list of friends, ;).. And, ummm, Oh, tryed to call you sat,went to voice mail, maybe you were washing the bugs off the bike:laugh:, And i also wanted to know if you know that guy Capt?? If you do, can you tell him its a GO, Re: the plans for my sons bike, He was such a nice guy,so compassionate,and really wants to help me with this issue.. Chit, kare, you should have just PM Hal, :laugh: Anyway,glad you had fun, ride safe, much love to ya & the wife..


I'm outta here!!!!
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Was great riding with you again. Loved seeing Mary again and meeting Pepper.


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miss you already my friend...i'm glad the three of you made it home safe...can't wait to see you again- the sooner, the better :beerchug:

Jay Willie

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It was great to finally meet you, Mary, and of course Pepper! What a great time we all had and look forward to more! Have a good 'un!


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Colen, Dennis and Don, I enjoy your company and riding with you guys so much!:guitar:
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