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Went for a group ride today with a newly formed gang of which i seem to be one of the organizers i guess... anyway the group is open to whatever sportbiker wants to tag along and in just a couple of months the group has grown to about 25 members, mostly due to a pro snow boarder who lives here and has been the main guy ... he even made us some stickers
" 2 Wheel Motion. " Mostly college age kids and a few over 30 group, I guess that makes me the old guy on the busa.


A mixed bag showed up today and as usual with newbies and hotrods I give my little pep talk about hand signals... ride at your own pace... I like stunting but not next to me... blah blah blah ... of course 2 guys show up 1/2 hr late with no gas sooooo they gotta go to fill up 1st -

All was goin pretty good I was leading most of the time and and the rest would show up as able.

Kinda funny how they all wanna see the BUSA...


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Then on the way back a 35 yr old bone head does a stand up wheelie and loses it right in front of me... i think I better ride by myself from now on tisk tisk

At least you can get a group of sportbike riders to do some ridin'! Most folks around here do the cruiser thing. And of course they want to see the 'Busa!
stand up and loses it???
dumd azz

glad you didnt get tangled up in that one

nice pics
unfortunate that the ride did not turn out perfectly well.

Gald you're back home safe, dood.
It was the short guy on the 03 gixxer 1k, he was banged up a little but overall ok bike was toast.
Riding by committee can be both stressful and dangerous. Besides, you draw more attention from the authorities.
You know, statistically it's been shown that most bike accidents occur on group rides.. I like riding with others, but big groups give me the willies! Sorry it happened but glad you didn't get caught up in it Hawaii.
At least you can get a group of sportbike riders to do some ridin'!  Most folks around here do the cruiser thing.  And of course they want to see the 'Busa!
We got too many riders or as I call 'em, Hooligans, here in the land of the endless oven, Arizona. I like riding with small groups, but got spooked awhile back with some riders I thought were experienced. Glad he didn't get caught in that furball. If I could just find a good 'Busa club here......